Sally Aitken

Valerie Taylor: Playing With Sharks

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Sally Aitken is an Emmy® nominated director and writer and one of Australia’s most prolific storytellers. Her formidable directing slate includes some of the most talked about and highest rating screen content for broadcasters around the globe.  She is known for adventurous collaborations, and her work is characterised by compassion, humour and a fierce intelligence.

Sally’s award-winning work includes the Camera d’Or nominated feature documentary A Cinematic Life selected for the Cannes Film Festival and the 3x60mins Stories of Australian Cinema (ABC) that Sally also wrote and directed, scoring 1.1m viewers per ep, nominated for an International Emmy®. Sally conceived Air Rescue for Channel7, the first fully brand funded series in Australia. Streets of Your Town (2016, ABC) a 2x60mins romp with comedian Tim Ross, for which Sally collected both the Australian Director’s Guild award as well as the Australian Writer’s Award for Best Documentary series. “Playing with Sharks” is screening at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival.



The Pacific: In The Wake of Captain Cook

Across six episodes, actor and raconteur Sam Neill takes a deeply personal, present-day voyage to map his own understanding of Captain James Cook, the immense Pacific Ocean he charted, the nations he encountered 250 years ago, and the nations that they are today.

Streets of Your Town

From Modernism to McMansionism, Tim Ross – comedian, broadcaster and aficionado of architecture and design – takes us on an intimately personal journey into our Australian suburbs, then and now, in a bid to understand how they’ve changed and what that says about who we are.

The Pool

The series dives into the social, historical, and political role the swimming pool plays within Australian society and psyche. From the original pool (the billabong) to historic pools and iconic coastal pools, Olympic pools, outback pools and the humble backyard pool, the series unearths the history of the pool in Australia.


David Stratton: A Cinematic Life