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Sensorium Galaxy

Behind The Scenes Creating Carl Cox Digital Twin

Long-standing collaborator Matt Hermans, Technical Director from Electric Lens Company, asked Winifred to produce the shoot component for a 3D volumetric full body scan and motion capture of Carl Cox playing a 60-minute exclusive DJ set for a new social VR platform called Sensorium Galaxy.

We reached out to our Melbourne based friends, Splice Boys, and invited Carl to step into their volumetric array of 150 cameras and integrated lighting rig to capture a high-fidelity body scan and a set of performance related facial expressions.

We then set up to shoot and motion capture Carl’s live DJ set. Over 30 motion-tracking sensors were strapped to Carl’s body and head to ensure every movement of his performance was recorded in sync with the live action coverage and audio output of his set.

When the performance data and volumetric scan data are processed, this produces a digital twin of Carl and a 60-minute animation of his DJ set that will go live in the Sensorium VR Galaxy when the platform launches later this year.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video where Carl shares his insights on the technology and his impressions on how this venture will reshape the live music experience.

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